Sunday, April 24, 2016

MedTech + Art

When we look into the past, the way society has society has used technology over time to improve medicines and examine the human anatomy. Anatomy and dissection are at the intersection of art and science and have influenced many of the medicines and medical technology that we have today (1). I remember dissecting a frog in high school. It was amazing seeing the entire inside of the frog while also learning about how everything worked. When X-rays and MRI's were brought about,  the world was ecstatic about the machine that now allowed us to view inside of the human body without always having to cut it open (2).
I personally have had 3 X-rays done in my life, one of which was done about a week ago on my ankle. Plastic or reconstructive surgery has been around for about 4,000 years (3). World War I made plastic surgery necessary and since then, with war came medical advancements. Diane Gromala spoke about how she used technology to create new paradigms for chronic pains (4). By using technology and meditation skills, she was able to make a virtual reality meditation program. The program features settings such as the beach, flying through the sky and rain forests which all have the option to walk or stand/sit. This technology can be used at home and has proven to relieve short-term pain. I think that this is an amazing invention because is it so advanced and easily accessible. 
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