Monday, June 6, 2016

Event #2 Drone Sweet Drone

This was the second event I have attended this quarter at the Art|Sci Exhibition. This this lecture/presentation was cool because being an athlete here at UCLA, we actually use these drones within our sport. Annie spoke about how she designed these drones and how they work. One thing I didn't understand was the label given to the different type of drones.

Event #1 Hammer Museum

This was the first event I have attended for DESMA at the Hammer Museum in Westwood Village. This was actually the first time I had ever been to that museum at all during my time here at UCLA. I would say my favorite part of this event was definitely the chairs that never tip over, but I'm not sure if they were apart of the art in the museum or just some cool chairs that they have for people to enjoy. There were many sculptures at the gallery. There was a lot of paintings and portraits also. There wasn't much technology displayed, but there was some like whatever the moving piece is in my video shown.

Event #3 Senior DESMA Projects

The third DESMA event that I attended was at the Broad Art Center here on campus at UCLA. The "S.A.D BUT NOT AFRAID" event was a presentation of senior final projects for DESMA. Unfortunately, the title had a much bigger meaning on this day of the presentation, following the day of the school shooting. The seniors have been working on these projects for the majority of the quarter, and there was a great variety of different projects throughout the entire gallery. This trip gave me a chance to admire the talent surrounding me here at UCLA. This presentation has a lot to do with the course because the projects were created from a great amount of art and technology. My favorite piece of work at the presentation was projected from the ceiling to the floor using technology. It also moved around on the floor in a pattern. Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo because my phone died!